Club Visit by District Governor Datuk Lee, 15 September

District Governor Datuk Lee addressing the club.

Our Club was honoured to host our District Governor Datuk Lee, his lovely wife Naomi and Assistant Governor Tan at our Club meeting on Friday 15 September at the Singapore Swimming Club. Following a business meeting with our Club leadership, the DG participated in our weekly meeting and helped us welcome our newest member, David Poh, to the Rotary family.

President Engle introduces DG Datuk Lee and his wife Naomi at the meeting

President Engle welcomes our newest member, Rotarian David Poh.

Rotarian David Poh being formally welcomed into Rotary by DG Datuk Lee

Many of our spouses were able to join as well to give a “Singapore North” welcome to Naomi and to enjoy a wonderful lunch meeting.

Our Rotary family!

Our lovely spouses and Datuk Naomi, wife of DG Lee

Troy Engle

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