District Governor Visit and New Member Induction – 5 December 2014

It’s the first meeting in the last month of the year and it was a very important one. District 3310 Governor, Andre Haji Suharto hailed from the Rotary Club of Kuching Central was in town to visit the Rotary Club of Singapore North. He was accompanied by Assistant Governor for Group 8, AG Mohan from Rotary Club of Pandan Valley.

District Governor Visit

District Governor Visit – AG Mohan, Pres KS Low, DG Andre Suharto, Hon Sec PP Seow Hong Chiow

A private session with President KS Low, Honorary Secretary PP Seow Hong Chiow started with the AG and DG at around 11am in the morning. Pres KS Low and PP Seow shared with DG the plans for the Rotary Year 2014/15 and DG was quick to share some of the experiences he has had visiting 51 clubs in District 3310 since his term started on 1 July 2014. The meeting lasted for an hour and half before members of the Rotary Club of Singapore North streamed in for an early lunch at 12:20pm.

The lunch meeting started with a new member induction ceremony. Troy Engle, previously involved in Rotary work in the States and had been traveling for the last 6 years settled down in Singapore with a role in the Singapore Sports Hub as the Director of Coaching is the latest member to join the Rotary Club of Singapore North. He was called upon to read out his charge sheet and promptly received his Certificate of Membership and 2014/15 Theme tie from DG Andre Suharto.

It was DG’s turn to share his experiences with members of the club. He had carefully prepared a set of slides to share important information with our members including ways to effectively recruit new members, do worthwhile projects within the district and fund raising etc. He shared how he lost his eldest daughter in on the 3rd August 1998 and how Rotarians in Kuching Central rallied around him and brought him out of the ‘darkest’ period in his life. It was the second time Pres KS Low heard this story. He had shared this during the District Conference in March 2014 in KSL in Johor Bahru and I am sure he has touched the hearts of many members who were present. At the end of the session, Pres KS Low presented a small token of appreciation to DG Andre Suharto for visiting the Rotary Club of Singapore North. The session last 1 hr 30 mins and members departed back to their work place with loads of Rotary information.

A total of 14 members from Rotary Club of Singapore North were present and 2 visiting Rotarians in DG Andre Suharto and AG Mohan convened the meeting.

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