February 2014 – Round up

On the 6 February, CIMB economist, Mr. Song Seng Wun addressed the audience at the Rotary Club of Singapore North’s lunch meeting, sharing his thoughts about how the drivers of Singapore economy in the next 50 years is going to be significantly different from the drivers that propelled Singapore to a first world country in the last 50 years. He also gave predictions of the value of SIBOR in 12 months’ ¬†time.
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Apart from members of the club who enjoyed the session, we had fellow Group 8 President Linda Gouw from Rotary Club of Queenstown, Past President Vicky from Rotary eClub 3310 of Singapore, Rotarian SantoshPast Presidents from various clubs and members of U3A who were also present.

On the 13 February 2015, PP Kim Li Chee shared with members of the Rotary Club of Singapore North recent changes proposed by URA on the design of landed properties in Singapore. The proposed changes will help enhance the desirability and give architects greater flexibility for the design of landed properties. 14 members attended the lunch sharing session.
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