Sister Club Visit to Rotary Club of Taksin Dhonburi – 21 October 2014

A delegate comprising 7 Rotarians and 3 anns from the Rotary Club of Singapore North visited Rotary Club of Taksin Dhonburi in Bangkok from 20-22 October 2014. As usual, Rotarians from both clubs renewed ties and reinforced the camaraderie that existed for the past 27 years since the sisterhood relationship begun. President Charun and his members from Rotary Club of Taksin Dhonburi organized an outing to the Orphanage Home on the 20 October 2014. This was followed by a visit to the Dhonburi Women Correctional Institute where women inmates were trained useful skills so that they are able to seek employment upon their release from the Correction Centre.

Members toured the facilities and observed a vast improvement in the facilities (with the addition of an air-conditioned nursery room for mothers and their infants to be held in the comfort of a cool environment and notably a grease trap installed below the common sink) which were a result of a collective effort from both Rotary Club of Singapore North(RCSN) and Rotary Club of Taksin Dhonburi(RCTD).

Members from RCSN were treated to good spread at dinner time and President Charun(RCTD) showed he is made for the stage when he single-handedly held the stage from the start till the end with flashes of brilliance from members from both clubs, obviously.

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