Our Club Logo

Rotary Club of Singapore North Logo

Rotary Club of Singapore North Logo

Like all clubs in the Rotary International, our club has a banner showing the club’s emblem. The banner represents the ideals of the club and is used to exchange banners with other Rotary clubs.

The ‘North’ name was chosen from one of the compass points and is represented by the North sign, following the ‘arrow head’ symbol as seen in maps or location plans. Designed by our Past President, PP Kim Li Chee, this is to show that our club’s vision is to look up and forward, to look above all difficulties and barriers.

Like an arrow, we are to aim high in our Visions and Actions. The red symbolizes strength, vitality and happiness. The seven vertical stripes represent the various avenues of services of Rotary International. They also indicate our club being the 7th Rotary Club to be formed in Singapore, when our club was chartered on 10 August 1982.

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